Who am I?

I’m a 30 something single woman who still lives at home. OMG, right! It’s all good. I’m mostly independent, expect for that pesky matter of living in someone else’s home. I’m the oldest of 5 in a single parent home and always felt it was my duty to stay. At first it was the easiest option for school  (money issues). Then it was under the guise of helping with the younger ones.  Then it was to save money; there was always a reason. As time went on those excuses, though true, weren’t what kept me from moving on.  My problem. was a combination of depression, low self-esteem, lack of motivation and eventually health issues.  The point is staying at home was easy, familiar, but it also help me stay hidden.  I readily admit I’m a sensitive introvert who rather float in the background helping others than be the center of attention.  The downside however is that now, in my early thirties, I haven’t accomplished anything significant or any personal goals and my bucket list continues to grow. The upside is that my love of learning, reading and creating started early and I’ve had plenty of time to nurture it.  Books have been a source of entertainment and comfort for most of my life.  When books weren’t enough I used my imagination and creativity to make up stories or things.  What’s the point you may ask? Well, my blog name is PrincessReads,so one may deduce that it’ll be about books.  Now the plan is to write about books and all things related to reading, writing, etc.  However, I’m easily distracted and do lots of thinking. Maybe I should change this to The Princess Thinks. Anyway, as my  first post mentioned I’ve immersed myself into the literary world of indie and romance writers and would like to help support them.  That said I will be doing lots of reviews, but I may add some other stuff too.

I just remembered that this post was supposed to be about who I am.  Okay, so I’m a thirty something single woman who still lives at home.  I also love the color pink, helping others and making things look pretty, which is code for I’m a perfectionist.  And if you haven’t figured it out yet, I love to read.  I don’t like sports, being lied to, peanut butter or beans.  Until next time.


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