I love reading and talking about book, but reviews make me nervous.  Why you may ask? Well, I’m not a wordy individual and like to keep things short and to the point.  Also, I’m afraid of not communicating effectively or hurting others feelings.  Then there’s the fear of not being as good as other reviewers.  In addition most reviews are long and wordy and usually rehash the plot.  I don’t think its necessary to summarize the story to effectively review the book.  Reviews, in my opinion, should reflect how you felt about the book and your reaction to it.  Recently its become clear that reviews are key to prompting and helping indie writers become established.  I’ve interacted with many of them through social media and my heart-strings were plucked.  It’s no coincidence my name means helper, its in my blood.  So, while I’m my own worst critic and feel inadequate my need to be of use to others overrides my anxiety and I’m writing more reviews.  I’ll start by posting old reviews and then as I write more those.

First up- Dream Series by Isabelle Peterson

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Ditching the Dream (book 1)

Wonderful read, I couldn’t put it down. The characters were relatable and the story well developed. This isn’t your ordinary mid-life crisis, this is a story of a lost woman trying to find her way. The story shows that aging doesn’t mean settling. Easy flowing writing style made this an easy read.

Not In My Wildest Dreams (book 2)
(5/29/14) great conclusion. Realistic story with just enough flare for us hopeless romantics

(2/5/15) and because I’m an idiot

I forgot to write this review right after reading and decided to remedy that. I thought about rereading the book to refresh my memory, but decided it wasn’t necessary. Reviews are supposed to be your reaction to what you’ve read and I thought why not write about how I STILL feel almost a year later.

Not in My Wildest Dreams goes back in time to tell about the rise of Jack Stevens and then (to my great relief) what happens after the end of Ditching the Dream. What I remember most is that Jack is confident. No matter what challenge or obstacle appeared he dealt with it; he didn’t give up. This served him well at the start of his career, through his adult life and when the love of his life left. After Elizabeth leaves Jack goes through the normal mourning, but once he comes to his senses (with a little help) he fights for his girl. Showing how much he understands and is the right fit for Elizabeth Jack sets a plan in motion to let Elizabeth know that. He isn’t aggressive and doesn’t resort to competition, but lets her know he’s not going away quietly. The book leaves off on a hopeful note.

Now seeing that I did actually write a review, but it wasn’t anywhere near what I felt at the time, I don’t feel so bad about being late.

Chasing The Dream (book 3)

Beautiful story, great characters. The change Phoebe inspires in Chase is so romantic. I like that they didn’t play games, no trying to make the other jealous, etc. It was a straight forward story that dealt with a real life situation in a mature, realistic way. Isabelle Peterson’s characters are always relatable and wonderfully sweet.

Unexpected Dreams (book 4)

Talk about a life makeover! As you may have figured out from the synopsis Greg might be gay… This book explores one man’s quest to find himself. After a divorce he didn’t understand and weeks of just getting by, Greg has an unexpected encounter with Tanner. What follows is a wonderful journey of exploration and understanding and finally acceptance. In this book you not only learn more about Greg and meet Tanner, but get snap shots of the rest of the family. This family is full of surprises and reinvention, four books in and I want more. Isabelle has created another realistic masterpiece.

Feels Like A Dream (book 5)

50% into the book my heart broke. I knew it was coming, but somehow through Isabelle’s amazing story telling I was so absorbed in Kevin and Shelby’s world it took me by surprise. Isabelle Peterson is wonderful at creating a realistic story that takes your emotions on a journey. Shelby is an older woman (if you can call 39 older) who thought she knew what she wanted in life. She accepted things as they were, not daring to dream, but complacent in the single, independent, strong woman life. Then comes Kevin. Yes, he’s younger, but mature with an optimistic look on life that has Shelby questioning her solitary existence. Kevin sets out to prove that age is only a number and dreams do come true even if not traditionally.



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