Forgotten Meds


I woke up with a slight headache the past 3 days, but didn’t think much about  (headaches were an everyday occurrence a few months ago). However, today the ache (more like pressure) got progressively worse, then it cane to me. I haven’t taken my blood pressure meds in a few days. Then I remembered that neither the doctor or pharmacy has called me back (since last Monday when I realized I was almost out).  Thankfully by 5 I got that annoying voice mail informing me that my medication was ready for pick up. What’s the point? Well, one it’s important to take meds regular; two  check on friends and family to make sure they are taking their meds; three don’t ignore random symptoms, it could be a sign of a serious problem; four be kind to others, they may be struggling with something and you don’t even know it. Okay, PSA over.



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