Isabelle Peterson’s Dare to Dream

The final book in the Dream Series by Isabelle Peterson is out and I love it.  She’s a genius. I’m so honored to have been a part of this series journey. My review as posted on Amazon and Goodreads is below. Also reviews for the first 5 books are under reviews in the menu. Please check out the series, it’s worth it.



Dream Well Lived

It’s been said, but worth repeating, that Dare to Dream was the perfect end to this series. The Fairchild/Stevens/Parker extended family proves that family is what you make it and with love anything is possible. I love that each couple gets their version of HEA, but realistic ones. None of the characters are too perfect and each have real life problems. They are authentic, honest. Isabelle Peterson has written a beautiful story that flows naturally easy, belying the enormous amount of time and effort I know went into this. The Fairchild/Stevens/Parker family have become close friends and I enjoyed reading about their lives.


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