One Night In Tahoe by Kaira Rouda review


Released last Tuesday One Night in Tahoe is sweet story of fixing the past in a unique way.  I mean there’s nothing like meddling parents to help you find true love. Jack and Sandy get setup by his dad over a snowy weekend.  It’s a cute story with a predictable outcome, but done well.
I was given an arc in exchange for a honest review.

*ONE NIGHT IN TAHOE by Kaira Rouda is out now!**
This is a Hope Falls Kindle World novella!

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Can one night fix a generation of heartache?

Jack Thomas just started working the job of his dreams in Laguna Beach when his dad calls asking for his help. Jack loves his dad but he’s reluctant to miss work, even if it’s for the weekend. With his boss’ blessing, he plans a quick visit to the snowy mountains he used to call home, not expecting anything more than helping his dad and trying to keep warm in a snow storm. What Jack doesn’t know is that heat won’t be a problem.

Sandy Davis is a new real estate agent excited for her first listing presentation at a multi-million dollar home in Lake Tahoe. She has no idea why the home owner picked her, but she’s committed to landing the listing. She makes the drive from Hope Falls to Lake Tahoe as a snowstorm hits. When the front door is opened by a handsome stranger, Sandy’s breathless. What she doesn’t know is that more surprises are waiting inside.

What happens when a huge snowstorm traps two strangers in a beautiful mountain home?

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What was happening to him? 

Jack led Sandy room to room, stalling by opening closets and pretending to care about bathrooms and lighting. Sandy’s eyes sparkled as each new room unfolded: Bob’s study, Bob’s workout room, Bob’s garage, Bob’s second kitchen. Meanwhile, all Jack could think about was being with her. He’d come close to pressing his lips on her forehead, to reassure her that even though she was a beautiful woman alone in the middle of the woods in a snowstorm with a stranger, she could trust him.

But he hadn’t earned that kiss. He’d just met her less than an hour ago. But that’s not what it felt like. What she had awoken in Jack, just by appearing on the doorstep, was astounding. All the feelings about women that he’d suppressed were bubbling to the surface. He’d never been a guy who wanted a commitment and it didn’t take a shrink to realize being abandoned by your mother will do things to your trust level. But aside from that, one-night stands suited him just fine. They were uncomplicated and the women always knew the rules going in. That made things easy and unemotional. It left him free to concentrate on his career. He was determined to find as much success as his dad, just in his own way. And he’d do it alone, like his father had. Yet, now, standing with this woman in front of the roaring fire, he felt like everything could change. His eyes dropped to Sandy’s full lips.

Jack had always loved kissing.



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