Charming Olivia, Book #1 Geary Series – Grace Harper

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Book - Charming Olivia, Book #1 Geary Series

Author - Grace Harper

Blog Tour - 12th - 19th Septemeber

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Charming Olivia is the first of three novels in the Geary Brothers Series

Olivia Gage is a top selling clean romance novelist, but wants to write

erotica. Jack Geary leads the lifestyle that Olivia wants to write about. They

start talking after a sarcastic written conversation over a review of a corset

that he made and a book she wrote.

Over time, they become friends and then he persuades her to spend a week with

him. He reasons with her that if she hasn’t experienced erotica first hand then

how is she going to write about it.

Charming Olivia is the week she spends with him, each night a different

subject, whips & ropes, threesomes, MM sex club and so on. He is determined

to talk her out of her clothes and into his bed. Olivia is determined that he

is not going to lay a finger on her until she confesses the truth.

Over the year that he has been in contact with her, he has told her exactly

what he wants to do to her. She tells him she is married and that is why she

won’t succumb to his charms but she is not telling the full truth. Once Olivia

reveals what the truth is to Jack, she stands no chance.

Charming Olivia

Cecily was whisked from me immediately and was out of sight

in seconds. I wandered over to the make-shift bar and took a glass of white

wine. Walking over to the other side of the room, my heels clicking on the

wooden floor I took out my phone. I checked where Cecily had disappeared to and

opened my phone to see if Jack had sent me a message. He had.

Jack: How is the exhibition?

Me: We have just arrived. Cecily has already deserted me so

I’m wandering around the room checking out the other artists’ work. She has

warned me that I’m not allowed to use my phone when I’m here. I need to be wary

because she’s threatened to throw my phone out of the window and I know she

will. What are you doing?

Jack: I’m hard at work, socialising and selling knickers.

Me: Have you sold any yet?

Jack: No, but then I’m checking out the hot women that are

here. One of them has caught my eye, I can only see her back and I’m

telepathically willing her to turn around, but she is not complying. She looks

stunning and I want to grope her bottom.

Me: Why don’t you go and talk to her, wow her with your

witty charm. If she has stunning shoes then just tell her which company you own

and she will be yours for the night.

Jack: Would that work with you? What should I do to wow you?

Me: You know you can’t wow me. I’m not available to be


Jack: I wish you were available. I still don’t understand

why you won’t meet me? I’ve offered to help you with your little problem. I

don’t see what the issue is?

My little problem. At times, I wished I hadn’t told him

about it. I was about to answer him when my phone was snatched from my hands. I

looked up to see Cecily’s back disappearing away, my phone in her hand. She was

walking towards the open window at the end of the room and I started to jog

after her. My tight dress and high heels were not aiding my efforts and I heard

someone chuckle as I passed them. Managing to catch up with her I tried to take

my phone back but she held it away from me.

“What did I say Olivia?” She asked with a huge grin on her


“I was talking to Jack, you left me on my own, what was I

supposed to do?” I whined and pouted.

Cecily looked at my phone and grinned evilly at me and

started typing and then handed it back to me.

“That is your punishment for not staying by my side and for

entering me into this exhibition without my permission.” Cecily said and waited

for me to read what she’d sent.

Me: I’ve no real reason to keep turning down meeting you so

I will. Name the time and place and I’ll be there. Oh and check out my dress

this evening.

“Oh my God Cecily, why did you say that? Why did you send

the picture of me?”

“You have a problem and he has offered to fix it. You need

to do this, so I made the first step. You look hot and sending him a picture

will do no harm. You will thank me for it later, I promise. It’s no different

to what you did to get me here this evening.” She said and winked and walked


I checked my phone to see if Jack had replied, he hadn’t. I

chewed on my thumbnail and waited for a long time, which in reality was two and

a half minutes.

Jack: Tomorrow, 9pm, Blue’s Bar on South Street, Edinburgh.

You look stunning.

Shit, double shit, how was I going to get out of this? I

stared at the screen silently cursing Cecily. Looking up to locate my so called

friend, I found her and glared at her from across the room.  Cecily didn’t

notice me throwing daggers at her, she looked perfectly fine on her own and she

didn’t need me here at all, which meant I didn’t need to be punished. I

couldn’t believe that she told him I would come and now he wanted me to meet

him tomorrow. I could drop everything and go tomorrow, but he didn’t know that.

Jack: Cold feet?

Me: I don’t know what came over me. I can’t arrive tomorrow,

I’ve a busy week next week.

Jack: Liar

Damn, that was the problem when you talked to someone every

day, they got to know your schedule.

Jack: What is the worst that can happen? Your husband can do

without you for a week, you have told me that he is not there next week, so get

on a plane and come and see me.

Me: You want me to come for a week?

Jack: When we discussed your little problem you gave me the

scenarios you wanted to see and we agreed it would take a week. We have talked

about this for months, we have even planned out how we’ll do it so why not now?

I’ll show you my lifestyle so that you can sort out that the problem of yours

and then you can go back to your ordinary life. I promise I won’t fuck you

unless you ask me to.

I gasped out loud, I don’t know why I did, his forwardness

shouldn’t shock me after this long but it did. I heard a man laugh from across

the room and I saw Cecily laughing with a client she was standing with. She

didn’t need me here, I wondered if I could slip away without her knowing.

Jack: Well?

Me: I’m not staying with you, I’ll book a hotel and you need

to keep your hands to yourself the entire time.

Jack: Deal. I’ll see your beautiful face tomorrow


I sighed at my phone and put it away without answering. I

looked around the room to find Cecily to tell her what damage she’d done with

her comment and mentally made a list of what I needed to do to go to Edinburgh


Grace Harper is a British author who loves to write about strong women and the

friends and lovers who make them stronger. She adores writing steamy scenes of

first encounters and there is always a little twist along the way.

When Grace is not writing, she can be found mooching about in stationery

stores, dreaming up tattoo designs or teasing her friends until everyone is in

fits of giggles. Grace might have a Maltesers addiction, but is not ready to

stand up and own that just yet.



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