Blog Tour – 44 Rillington Crescent – Samantha Fontien

Blog Tour - 44 Rillington Crescent - Samantha Fontien

Book - 44 Rillington Crescent

Author - Samantha Fontien

Blog Tour - 14th - 21st October

Hosted by Hooked on books & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions

44 Rillington Crescent

I’m calculating, like most women... Except... I’m no

ordinary woman...

I’m emotionally damaged… And, I accept that, hell… I embrace


I’m a lost soul… I don’t do Love in any shape or form, well

I didn’t think I did, until the universe didn’t see eye to eye with me and

decided to teach me a lesson that I would never forget, showing me Love can

take many forms…

* This Love story contains; Drama, Profanity and Mature

Content, intended for readers 18+ *

I'm a Happily Married, MUM of 2 very loved children.

I LOVE Music… I should do as I am the daughter of Musicians; I was reared with

a Guitar in one hand and a pen in the other.

I'm originally from London and am now living somewhere, in the Irish


* My books contain Drama, Heartache and Mature content, intended for readers

18+ *

 <3  <3 

<3<3<3 <3








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