The New Neighbor by Isabelle Peterson

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The New Neighbor (The Juniper Court Series) 

by Isabelle Peterson

Have you ever wondered what’s going on in your neighbor’s homes?

Welcome to Juniper Court, 7 books about 7 homes written by 7 authors all taking place on 1 cul-de-sac.

From Sweet to Swingers…

From LGBT to BDSM…

It’s happening behind closed doors on Juniper Court

The New Neighbor 

by Isabelle Peterson

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Six months after Erik Beckett’s short-lived marriage from his husband, he’s found it hard to move on. Erik’s colleague, Kyle Murphy, convinces him that he should move out of the condo he shared with his ex. Erik takes Kyle’s advice and finds the perfect house in a quiet neighborhood on Juniper Court.

Kyle Murphy isn’t proud of it, but he’s in the closet to everyone, even his family. In fact, he’s always portrayed himself as a ladies man. However, Kyle has had a thing for Erik since they first met. He’s just been waiting for the right time. When Kyle comes out to Erik, Erik doesn’t know what to make of it.

With Erik in his new home and away from the memories of his failed marriage, is the time now? But, with their history, would Erik ever think of Kyle in ‘that way’? And what would the neighbors think?

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**This book is intended for mature audiences 18+.

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The New Neighbor

by Isabelle Peterson

© 2018

Around three, we were finally done and collapsed on the sofa, but seeing all we’d accomplished, I felt rejuvenated. Kyle and I busted our asses and looking around, I couldn’t have been more excited. Happy. Content. I was home. The possibilities felt endless. Kyle was so right about me moving out of the condo.

Then I remembered my new hoop.

“Still up for a game of one-on-one?” I asked. I was tired, but I couldn’t wait to give the hoop a go.


“Really? I mean, I don’t wanna cut into your time, like if you have a girl on deck for tonight. It is Saturday,” I taunted.  

“Nope. No girlfriend.” He looked at me a little oddly, like he was trying to read me about something, then added, “Not had one of those in… um… ever?” 

I laughed at his reply. Kyle was always chasing skirts. What could he have meant with his comment? 

“A boyfriend then?” I tried. The thought made me laugh harder. Every time we’d ever been out, Kyle was hitting on the ladies. Not even subtly. He was the ‘office player.’

Noting the seriousness in Kyle’s eyes, I stopped laughing and apologized. He looked me straight in the eye then barely louder than a whisper he said, “Evan and I broke up about three months ago.” 

It was like a needle went skidding across the top of a vinyl record. 

I was stunned. 

“Oh,” was all I could seem to say. I mean… What? Kyle? Gay? No way. All he ever did was brag about the ‘ladies.’ But he just confessed that he had been dating a guy. Someone named Evan. What do I do with this new information?

All my laughter seemed—horrifying. Here Kyle had just revealed something enormous, and I had been laughing. Then a massive wave of holy shit! rolled over me. My earlier thoughts about him during the day as I watched his strong thighs and back… The ease at which we got along… I took in the man before me—strong, confident, and sexy as hell—and my brain felt like it was short-circuiting. 

Realizing that I’d let his confession go without any response, and I was just standing there like some sort of ninny, I finally found my voice and said,  “Cool,” giving him my best reassuring smile. “So, no attachments right now. Let’s play.”

We headed outside and after a few practice shots fell into a game of one-on-one. We were playing for maybe twenty minutes, but I was too distracted to play well at all. 

Kyle was gay. 

I’d never thought of him in that way, and now that I knew, it was all I could think about. How great we get along together, how he was smart, and clever, and funny, and into sports, and interested in traveling the world… How he checked all the ‘boxes.’

Then again, we worked together. He had a no-dating-at-work policy. It was something I’d never even considered, but I’d never thought about dating anyone I work with. I’d heard the nightmares of spoiled office romances.

“Time out,” Kyle called. “Dyin’ out here. Too hot.” Because it was now late in the afternoon, coupled with the start of summer, it was pretty hot out. Before long, Kyle and I had both worked up quite a sweat, not to mention that thinking of Kyle was making things even hotter. 

“Maybe that’s why your game is shit,” Kyle suggested with a laugh. But it was no laughing matter when he pulled off his shirt. Holy Sweet Dancing Babies. Kyle was ripped. Pecs. Biceps. And not a six-pack, but an eight-pack! The sight shot right to my groin.

Needless to say, this game was over for me. I had been finding it difficult to concentrate before. Now with a growing boner, I was done for. I wondered if I would have had the same reaction had I not known that Kyle was gay… and looked like that? 

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