I love reading and talking about book, but reviews make me nervous.  Why you may ask? Well, I’m not a wordy individual and like to keep things short and to the point.  Also, I’m afraid of not communicating effectively or hurting others feelings.  Then there’s the fear of not being as good as other reviewers.  In addition most reviews are long and wordy and usually rehash the plot.  I don’t think its necessary to summarize the story to effectively review the book.  Reviews, in my opinion, should reflect how you felt about the book and your reaction to it.  Recently its become clear that reviews are key to prompting and helping indie writers become established.  I’ve interacted with many of them through social media and my heart-strings were plucked.  It’s no coincidence my name means helper, its in my blood.  So, while I’m my own worst critic and feel inadequate my need to be of use to others overrides my anxiety and I’m writing more reviews.  I’ll start by posting old reviews and then as I write more those.



Dream Series -Isabelle Peterson

Books by Chelle Bliss

Books by Kristen Proby


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