Kristen Proby books

 Tied With Me (With Me In Seattle Book 6) (Kindle Edition)

Kristen Proby does it again! The With Me in Seattle series is one of my faves and Tied With Me doesn’t disappoint. Matt, the quiet brother, shows he can be the same possessive alpha male as the rest of the men in the family, but also, like them, he is gentle, kind, loyal and takes care of his woman. Nic, like the rest of the women, has sass, is independent, and sticks up for herself. The story is short and sweet, but full of humor, character and tidbits about the rest of the family. I love that though the men are alphas, they don’t stifle their wives/girlfriends, there’s communication (though sometimes late), honesty, but not perfection. Can’t wait for the last two books, but will be sad saying goodbye to the Montgomery crew.

Easy With You: A With Me In Seattle Novella (The Boudreaux Series) (Kindle Edition)

Kristen Proby is amazing. Great addition to tie to series together. Love the characters connection.

Easy Love (The Boudreaux Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

Love it, love it, love it. Just the right mix of light and funny with serious. Kristen Proby has a way with a story that sucks you in and you never want to leave.

Easy For Keeps: A Boudreaux Novella (The Boudreaux Series) (Kindle Edition)

Not to sound repetitive, but Kristen Proby is amazing. Full story or novella her story telling is perfect. It’s simple and sweet but still contains everything I’ve come to expect from a Proby story. In Easy For Keeps its Adam’s turn to find love. Sarah is a strong, independent woman and just what he needs. Easy For Keeps reminds us love doesn’t have to be complicated, life is short.
I was given an arc in exchange for an honest review.

Falling for Jillian (Love Under the Big Sky Book 3) (Kindle Edition)

Kristen Proby has done it again. Her easy flowing story telling draws one into the character’s world. Falling For Jillian concludes her Love Under the Big Sky series. Zack King and Jillian Sullivan each have baggage from the past and an mutual attraction that sets the background for the story. Picking up from where book 2 (and the novella Saving Grace) left off we find the couple apart due to a misunderstanding. Once the air is clear they begin a sweet courtship, but an unexpected turn of events may cut things short. Maybe, they’re not over the past as well as they thought. While exploring the ins and outs of Zack and Jillian’s relationship we also learn how the rest of the characters from the previous books are doing.
This book has all the things I’ve come to love from Kristen Proby’s books. There’s a strong, alpha male who, though fiercely protective, isn’t over bearing or controlling. The females are intelligent, independent woman who aren’t afraid to tell it how it is or put their men in their place. However, no matter how wonderful they are, they’re still flawed, she makes them human.

 Listen To Me: A Fusion Novel (Kindle Edition)

I was given an advance review copy for an honest review. I’ve had an author crush on Kristen Proby since I discovered her a little over two years ago. I’ve since read everything she’s written and look forward to every release. Listen to Me was no different. Kristen Proby did not disappoint. One page in and I was laughing. Kristen writes beautiful stories full of love and laughter. Her characters are realistic and have genuine issues. We’ve moved out of Seattle to Portland, but we still get the strong independent women and sweet lovable alpha males. Listen to me was the perfect book to bring me out of my reading funk.

Every Kristen Proby story I read is an adventure.  Alpha males, strong independent women and HEAs are what I’ve come to expect when I see Kristen Proby on the cover.  However, each story is unique and special.  Her characters are fierce and loveable.  I was excited to read Close to You after meeting Cami and Landon in Listen to Me.  Life long friends who are secretly, but not so secretly in love with each other for years Cami and Landon’s relationship follows a simple but realistic direction.  Things aren’t perfect or always easy, but the two friends finally let their hearts guide them to love.

I was given and advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review.


Blush For Me

Wonderful as always. Kristen Proby tells the best stories.

The Beauty of Us:

What I love about Kristen Proby’s stories is that each couple has a story unique to them.  In The Beauty of Us its Riley’s turn at love.  Riley and Trevor have a progressive relationship that builds on respect and friendship.  They take the time to get to know each and respect their differences and make their relationship work.  I enjoyed their story and look forward to the next installment of this series.

i was given an arc in exchange for an honest review.

Savor You (Fusion %)

Savor You is the perfect ending to Kristen Proby’s Fusion Series. The story isn’t rushed and does justice to the characters. The charaters are in their thirty’s and the relationships are a testment to that maturity. In Savor You we get Mia and Camden’s story. Mia and Camden have a past that ended upbruptly and completely. Mia has focused on her career and very little else. As we’ve learned in the pervious installments Mia is a bit of a workaholic and the resturant her and her friends own is on the culinary map and popularty and recongnition is rising. Camden is a celebrity chef from her past that is set to compete against her. Very quickly they address their past and learn that when it comes to their attraction for each other there’s no competetion. Mia and Camden re-establish their connection and navigate their relationship learning about each other and adding that great tool of communication and trust. We get some updates on the rest of the cast and leave the Seduction family satisfied.

I read an ARC in exchange for an honest review.