Books by Chelle Bliss

Mend (2018)

Mend is a beautiful story of love and loss and love again.  Mend isn’t a complicated story. It’s boy meets girl, fall in love and then some outside force pulls them apart. A misunderstanding and hurt feelings keep them apart, but fate and circumstances bring them back together.  Evie and Jack spend six lonely years apart, but the years do nothing to lessen their feelings for each other.  Their love reigns over the pain of their supposed betrayal off each other.  The years apart though agonizing help shape Jack and Evie into the adults they need to be.  Once things are in the open the two embrace each others lives, past and faults with maturity.  Throw in a troublesome sibling and funny best friend and you have a sweet story.  To some it may seem simple, but Chelle Bliss’ words lift this story in way that’s beautiful. Reading the emotional forward and just imagining her mindset when writing made this story touch me in a way I can’t describe.

I received an advanced reader copy for and honest review.


Top Bottom Switch

A hot sexy read. Love the chemistry between Alese and Rhet. Alese is a confused Sub looking for a connection. Rhetoric is Dom bored with the same old. One night they take a chance on each other and might just find what they’re looking for.
Top Bottom Switch is a novella so it doesn’t bore with unnecessary details or subplots. It focuses on the main characters and their thought process related to the relationship. Each book I read from Chelle Bliss continues to prove her amazing writing talent. The story is hot.


-Chelle Bliss has written a beautiful love story about love, loss and internal struggle. I was given an arc to read for an honest review. While I have read most of Chelle Bliss’s Men of Inked series I wasn’t prepared for the beauty of Enshrine. Callie and Bruno’s story is beautiful and an amazing journey.

Honor Me (Men of Inked Book 6) (Kindle Edition)

Chelle Bliss continues to wow with amazing story telling. With Honor Me she revisits one of my favorite fictional families, the Gallos. Back to the first couple we met in Throttle Me we find City and Suzy welcoming kids two and three. Through life changes City and Suzy strengthen their relationship and continue to be the couple we all love and root for.