Series/Books (in no paticular order)

  1. Moreno Brothers -Elizabeth Reyes
  2. Beauty -Georgia Cates
  3. Blood & Roses -Callie Hart
  4. Dream -Isabelle Peterson
  5. Dream Man -Kristen Ashley
  6. Colorado Mountain – Kristen Ashley
  7. Chaos -Kristen Ashley
  8. Driven -K Bromberg
  9. Dublin Street -Samatha Young
  10. Forever -Sandi Lynn
  11. With Me In Seattle -Kristen Proby
  12. Love Under the Big Sky -Kristen Proby
  13. Temptation -KM Golland
  14. After Burn/Shock -Sylvia Day
  15. Peaches Monroe -Mimi Strong
  16. Baker Street -Mimi Strong
  17. Alexa Reed series -Hilary Wynne
  18. Beautiful/Maddox Brothers -Jamie McGuire
  19. Better Than -Emme Burton
  20. Obsessed -Deborah Blandon
  21. Pulse-Deborah Blandon
  22. Vain-Deborah Blandon
  23. Ruin-Deborah Blandon
  24. Gone-Deborah Blandon
  25. Trace-Deborah Blandon
  26. Fuse-Deborah Blandon
  27. Rise-Deborah Blandon
  28. Ember-Deborah Blandon
  29. Men of Inked -Chelle Bliss
  30. One Night- Jodi Ellen Malpas
  31. Real- Katy Evans
  32. Shopping For A Billionaire -Julia Kent
  33. Wait For You- J Lynn
  34. Beneath -Tori Maddison
  35. Empire State -Lousie Bay
  36. Little Women -Lousie May Alcott
  37. Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen

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